Single Kick [Solved]

Hi Folks,

is there a “Single Kick” hiding somewhere that I haven’t yet managed to find?
Like the “Kick 4 on the Floor” in ELEMENTS but I want a “Kick 1 on the Floor” that I can use as a simple stomp.


check out the BeatBuilder, a simple but effective midi editor created by a user on this forum:


Hi all. I too am looking for the most basic (simple) beat without ‘double’ bass drum and a simple snare played with brushes. I play in an acoustic blues duo and the BB is a valuable percussive addition to our sound. If anyone can point me in the right direction within the existing store I will be grateful. If not, maybe BB will consider more simplistic additions to the current range.

That’s perfect. Thank you Mike.

Hey David,
I have found everything you needed in the Groove Monkee offerings; shuffles, trains, 2-beat feels, etc. I make the “default” drum set Beatbuddy Brushes Kit. They sound fantastic for our Acoustic Roots Americana Duo gigs!

Many thanks - I have trawled through Groove Monkey blues and found many ‘songs’ that I need.