Single Prerecorded Loop

Still a real Aeros newbie after a year, so assume complete idiot!

I have a couple of songs where I play the rhythm and sing, then - when I get to the solo - I’ve prerecorded an Aeros loop of 16 bars of chords so I can play a lead over them. I want to be able to start the patch myself, but switching sections in the song (verse/chorus) on the Beatbuddy kicks in that solo loop before I’m ready for it. I don’t want to disable midi altogether as it’s great that it stops when I stop the drumbeat– I just want to start & stop it within the song, when I choose. I’ve switched off the Midi trigger within the loop… I think! (the red circle and green triangle) & it works as far as the loop doesn’t start when I start the beat, but can’t work out why the Beatbuddy then starts it when I trigger a transition.

Hey there,

I think you are saying that the BeatBuddy is the Transmitter (master) to the Aeros, meaning it is sending MIDI to the Aeros to control it, is that correct?

You can choose to disable the CC:102 Transition command in the BeatBuddy [in the settings, Main Pedal > MIDI Settings > MIDI Out > Next Part (CC-102)]

You can alternatively set the Aeros to ignore the CC:102 command in the MIDI in filters. This way when the BeatBuddy sends CC:102 the Aeros ignores it.

This will make it so that the Aeros does not start from stopped when the BeatBuddy changes parts, but it will also make it so that you cannot use the BeatBuddy to transition the Aeros part. The Aeros will still start and stop with the BeatBuddy, and listen to all clock and time signature commands.

Using a MIDI controller (like the MIDI Maestro) to transition both would allow you to still transition the two together and still have the behavior mentioned above.

Let me know if this is helpful, thanks for the question!

That’s great, thanks. I’ve switched off the transition in the Beatbuddy and it does what I want. But that does limit the performance of other songs, as the Beatbuddy instruction is global.
Is the Aeros filter attributable to individual songs?
That way I could set these patches up one way, and other songs work could work as normal transitions… verse/chorus etc. rather than have to switch the Beatbuddy backwards and forwards.
I’d love the midi controller but I just can’t stretch to that. The Aeros cleaned me out

No this is not possible it is a global setting unfortunately