Single snare 'shot' WAV for footswitch - anyone have one?

Just a quick question - does anyone have a WAV of a single snare shot? Not a rim shot - just a basic, fairly flat and resonant-free shot in a WAV? I want place it on the footswitch on a couple songs and wondered if someone has already gone down this road…


The proverbial ‘never mind’. Necessity being what it is (along with my total lack of patience LOL), I found a fill within the BB songs; dragged it into GB; and cut it up so that i had one single snare shot on the down beat. I was a little worried about what it would sound like, since it started as just a midi, but it worked out well for my purpose. I needed it for the “bop-bop” snare hits on The Hollies’ ‘Long Cool Woman’ that occur twice at the beginning. I set it to the footswitch and it works rather well. :slight_smile:

If anybody else can use it, here it is:

lol … I had a train passing the bells & lights @ a crossing (for folsom prison) that needed to be lowered to 44,ooo …
ended up sounding like a ___ blip … thanks for this … you never know when it comes in handy :wink:

you never fifa15coins know when it comes in handy