Are you going to make an explanatory video on how to use this application?

We are waiting to put resources into this once 2.0 is out and we have more to flaunt, we understand this is not ideal but videos take a lot of effort to come out well and be informative. We’d rather spend the time once the app is finished which should be soon!

Thanks for the question

Hey, everything good, were you able to get the help you needed?

Yep, I fiddled around with it and was able to pretty quickly put what I needed together once I figured out what the app wanted me to do. Definitely will be excited to get the 2.0 update once it’s out. The workflow isn’t all that hard, per-se, it’s just wasn’t an intuitive workflow to figure out for me.

They keys for me were persistence, re-reading the maestro guide, and discovering the spreadsheet of commands.

Thanks for replying, I love how responsive the company is on the board!

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Great you got started up, we hope to change all that with 2.0.0!

We aim to please!

Feel free to reach out to for more help if you need,

Have a great one :slight_smile: