Singular Sounds commands for Aeros play part 1: How does Aeros command differ from MM command?

My MM works fine in Aeros mode. When making a custom mode and wanting to play part 1, I add the SS Aeros Part 1 command (113,1) followed by the SS Part V0 command (113,0). Exactly the same command that I find in the Aeros mode. But no luck. Nothing happens.
However, replacing these with the identical commands from the Midi Maestro commands, things work. I cannot understand this, cause they seem identical.
But there it is: replacing SS Aeros part 1 / Aeros Part V0 commands with SS Midi Maestro Part 1 / SS Midi Maestro Part V0 and its fine. What am I not getting here?

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Just speculating, but wondering if maybe it could be a MIDI channel issue when you switch to custom mode?

All commands sends on Ch 1, both in Aeros and Custom mode. And custom mode works when using the MM commands instead of Aeros commands, even when they seem exactly identical. It’s a mystery to me …

Did you try CC113 Value 101 ?

Nope, I was just interested in the exact same command as in Aeros Mode Part 1

Please note! There are some critical issues with commands that have been downloaded from the library to the device, it could be the commands are corrupted if so. We suggest creating commands from scratch if you encounter any odd behavior.

We are working on the fix version for this problem and hope to have news soon!

Thank you for reporting and for your patience

Thanks a lot. This seemed a mystery to me.

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My pleasure :slight_smile: