extremely slow page load !

It literally takes ages to load if it loads at all :frowning:
All I see is the Logo and the lines animation !

The previous site was loading MUCH faster !

And when I click the Usefull links / “Premium content Library” button in BBM I get this page instead :frowning:

[B]“Accessing author info via REST API is forbidden”

Something is wrong here !!
Hope You’re all doing fine in Miami !

The Premium Content Library was never fully implemented.
@BeatBuddy Support will have to take a look at the slow main site loading I just tried it and it loaded within a second or two. I can’t tell if it’s any slower than before as I hardly ever access it.

Thanks persist

Well that explains it !

Having fun with making another drum kit with the BBM, great fun !

Have a nice day !

i placed an order and i got an email telling me that i could view the order details with a link that won’t load anything. i keep getting an error screen. i don’t know when my order will ship or if it’s even going to come at all. i sent an email to the contact listed but I really need to to hear something back soon, any ideas? i’m posting the link.

this is what it looks like in my email:

when i remove the dot at the end and login, i click recent orders and it says i have none. but i have a purchase receipt from the same site.

@BeatBuddy Support should be contacting you soon. You can also e-mail them at and