Sittin' on a boat dock. Freddie King

Great tune if someone would care to do it. OPB, OPBK, SNG.
In the key of D please .

You know I’d like to help on this one, but not only can I not find Midi, which is to be expected, but I can’t even find a chords +lyrics sheet, or even a lyrics sheet by itself! So if you got something…

Lol. Yeah it’s pretty obscure other than a video on line. I have the lyrics written out and it’s basically a 1/4/5 tune.This might be one of those tunes you need to produce from scratch which I’m honestly no good at. No worries Phil maybe someone else can tackle it.
Hey what a difference now that I ran two channels into the board it’s all good now. Thanks

Glad the sound thing is straightened out. If I had the lyrics already printed out, I would have tried to give it a shot, but let’s see if anyone else wants to jump in.

I’m just listening to it in my head(too lazy to turn on my equipment) and I would almost say that it’s similar to Tore Down. The only exception is that it doesn’t have all the stops except the one stop in the middle and one near the end.

Ok maybe not. I just tried the lyrics over Tore Down different type of shuffle. :slight_smile:

I was in the front row & saw Freddie King opening up for Elvin Bishop …
It only took a few notes & he was dripping sweat w energy …
watching those metal fingerpicks attacking the strings :wink:
One of the best shows I’ve seen/listened to :wink:

Thanks to YouTube where we can still watch some of these great legends play. I wish I had the opportunity to see the likes of these guys play live. I recently watched Sonny Boy Williamson play on YouTube and man his intense performance blew me away. I love these guys and the contribution they made to the music we all listen to today. God bless them.