"Sittin on a boat dock" sng file attached.

I tried my darndest to put this song together ( stealing parts from a mixture of songs) and I was wondering if one of you pro editors could add an accompanying rhodes or hammond piano line too it. I put the song together in the key of E but i would prefer it in the key of D if possible. I attached the file for your listen pleasure or displeasure please give me your thoughts.

Sound familiar ? > Lee Dorsey’s Sittin in La La waiting for my Ya Ya . in F
maybe some ‘parts’ available ? (remove txt extension for midi. )

Key of D
fill … is an octave lower
Gotta be a song in there :wink:
… & w 3tags

Sweet, yes i can work with this a little manipulating here and there and it should work perfectly. I will post my final result to resources as “Sittin on a boat dock”. Thank you Mr. rknrne

Would you by chance have a lyrics sheet that you could post for this?