"skip duplicates" during import

My use case:
I downloaded a handful of songs from the user made beats section of the forum and imported them in BBManager to experiment (just got my BB yesterday, so still learning)
The import and playing around with it was successful, so I downloaded more songs from the forum to my “downloaded beats” folder on my PC, then imported the folder again. The songs that I had imported originally got re-imported with a (1) added at the end of the name.

I would love to be able to import a folder and have BBManager figure out that a song already exists and give me an option to skip import, or override, similar to when you copy files on windows. I don’t really want to have to remember what songs I have imported or not from my download folder.

Nice suggestion.

+1 on this. I am trying to manage changes made from rehearsal by having all songs held in a master list with hopes that moving them one day to individual set lists (and making changes in the order) will be easier in a later rev. Specifically: tracking .sngs with the same name by date and ability to mass migrate songs and drag/drop between folders. As opposed to exporting all in a folder then importing to a new folder and deleting one-by-one as I need to do now.