Slabo day - my first upload with beatbuddy

Hello Everyone… i’d like to share with you an extended solo inspired be Peter Green’s Slabo Day.
I used beatbuddy and the infinity looper. i wasn’t ready for this , just play and push
the record button on camera and cubase. I leave it as it is.
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Are you really playing it with your finger tips, without plek??
For me it is also a little bit a kind of Mark Knopfler Style, especially the clean part.
I like it. Great job!

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Thank you Dognose! Yes, i used to play with fingers. When i was in classical guitar studies i was
playing for a long period with fingers , and i become more confident and natural to me playing with fingers. And i like Mark Knopfler so much! thanks again for listening and for your comment! :slight_smile:

Enjoyed the volume swells at the beginning of the song. Very nice playing, angelus—thanks for sharing.

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Thank you Persist! i really appreciate your thoughts,your feelings and your comments about this
version of mine! I’d love to share with you again!