are there a commands to activate the slideout and navigate it?

p11of the user manual

MIDI commands to control those features are on p117

i dont see how to activate to slideout menu from midi maestro. i dont want to give up the mixer on aeros.

What do you mean with slideout?
Change the page or go back to the main screen ?
Change page you can with a simple TRS footswitch and connect to the Maestro EXT input (press left and right to navigate)

Back to main screen , press the left and middle switch together

If you want to go out the page for other options , you need to make a custom and redirect the page (with the app and sync)

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What I want is to press a button on the maestro. then i can navigate the slideout menu with the maestro. I don’t want an extra expression pedal for that purpose. oh and once the slide out is out, the up and down commands on the maestro do not navigate it or select so the first tip is in error, i think. This is not terribly important to me . I just thought it would be nice and easy as I do not want to give up mixer access while performing.

i think the menu items I was looking to get at were lock and unlock track.
also not at the top of my needs list.

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Hey there,

There is currently no command to open the slideout but that is coming very soon along with a command to open the mixer.

Please remember you can always open the mixer using the slideout or if you do not need the slideout you can turn it off in the Hands Free settings and the mixer will open instead.

There are currently no plans to allow a MIDI command to control the slideout but we may consider adding Wheel Tick +1 / -1 MIDI commands to allow this easily on the MM

Thanks for the question!