Slight Delay normal for Beatbuddy to begin playing?

I love my Beatbuddy except for one very big issue (for me anyway). Many times I begin a song with just piano and then have BB begin on the chorus or 2nd verse. The only issue is that, even though I press the pedal on the beat where it should begin playing the intro or verse, there is a slight delay for it to begin playing. This seems to be the same no matter what track I play and it really throws the whole song off. I have switched to a faster class 10 SD card to see if that helps. Nope. Can anyone help on this one?

I had that same problem when I got mine until I found out that the default setting for the pedal is for it to start playing when you release it not when you press it. Unfortunately I don’t have my pedal with me but there is a setting to change it so it starts when you press it. Can’t remember where I saw it but I think you lose a certain function doing that although it wasn’t a big deal for me. I’m sure someone can give you more details about how it works.

Start Beat

Main Pedal > Start Beat > Press/Release

We designed the BeatBuddy to start playing the beat when you release the pedal, rather than when you press down on it. This was to allow us to add additional features, such as entering tap tempo mode by holding the pedal down while a song is stopped, and stopping a song or starting a transition by holding the pedal down while a song is paused. However, this causes around 1/10th of a second of delay in starting the beat (so the BeatBuddy can distinguish between a press and a hold). For most people, not
noticeable. However for those who want to bring the drums in at an exact time, select ‘Press’ to set the BeatBuddy to start the beat immediately upon a pedal press. Of course, with the ‘Press’ setting enabled, you can’t use the features which require holding down the pedal while the beat is stopped or paused.

Raymond and Ray…that’s perfect. Thanks so much!

The other thing I do, because some of the Intros are so cheesy, I start the beat, immediately hit the left button, so that when I want the beat to start, all I have to do is press the left button and we are on the 1 beat. That seems to work very well for us

My issue is coming back into the song after mid song breaks/pauses.

I use my palm instead of my foot to control, so this change to “press” worked perfectly for me.

There you go!

I have coordination issues. It seems like most times when the drums need to come back in, I’m in the midst of some crazy guitar passage. Maybe with some more practice I’ll get better.