Slim Harpo

Who doesn’t love slim Harpo?
Scratch my back.
Shake your hips.
Raining in my heart.
OPB or SNG with bass please.

hmmm…can’t find any midi files on that one. I have probably 80,000 or better from years gone by but none with that.

I know they are pretty basic beats but without the proper tools to produce them it can be a nightmare keep looking if you don’t mind maybe something will come up.

Sure will.

Doesn’t seem to be any Slim Harpo midi available so i had a crack at Raining in my heart from scratch,should do the job.Posted to resources.

I tired “Shake Your Hips.” Let me know if you think this is usable. If it is, I’ll post it to resources with the lyrics.

Simple loop that does the job. Got any more Slim ?
Thanks Phil.

By the way Phil, I personally prefer SNG File :wink:

I’ll see what else I can make up. I had to do it from scratch, but Shake Your Hips was only two measures, so it wasn’t a huge deal. It actually took a good bit of trial and effort to dial in a good balance. What sounded good in the DAW was not so great in BBM. I’ll give a listen to some more of the Excello singles in my collection, and see if I think I can do justice to anything else.

I see there is already I’m a King Bee version posted, but I did it anyway, cause it wasn’t too tough, and now we have the .sng jam version.