Slow load of stored tracks

I just bought an Aeros loop studio. I thought it is the best looper out there by a country mile. The footprint, touch screen sound quality mixer are all excellent features and exactly what I was looking for but!, then I tried to load a track. At first I thought the thing was broken it took so long. Then eventually the track appeared. I wonder if it would be faster to load if the track is broken up into sections and really I wonder if the software guys are going to address this?? I don’t think I could live with the delay; especially for live work. I think if this isn’t going to be an imminently addressed software fix it will have to go back to Thomann.

This was brought up in the feature requests forum, and, as far as I know, SS hasn’t addressed or responded to it, yet.

Hi there,

This is something we are very closely looking into, we do not have something solid to share yet but please know that we are actively looking into this issue and how we can improve loading times, It is a very important issue to us.