slower BPM in part of song

Hi ,
Does anyone know how to modify the BPM to a slower tempo only in some part of the song, as in Elvis’ 'Suspicious Minds ’ where we go from 112 to 47 for a while ? Thanks and best regards, Louis.

Welcome, Louis That capability does not presently exist in the BeatBuddy. Developers are aware of the request to change tempo by section.

Dear Persist, Many thanks for that quick answer! Louis

There are a couple of workarounds if you want to get creative and have the extra footswitch.

I have used Pro Tools to take programmed Midi at one tempo and convert it to another. For example, take that section of Suspicious Minds, bring it in at a session tempo of 47 bpm, switch the track to a sample based track (from ticks based) and change the session tempo to 112 bpm. The midi notes stay where they are but the properties of the clip are now at 112 bpm when imported to BBM. The caveat here being that likely, the length of that clip won’t end right on an appropriate measure at 112 bpm.

To work around this, you could slightly change the live arrangement of the song, create a transition from that section to silence on the BeatBuddy (and maybe just let a chord ring on guitar), and then before the BeatBuddy starts into the next beat of the song, hit pause on the footswitch. Then when you hit the main pedal again, it will start at the next section that is 112 bpm and you’re back in time for the rest of the song.

The other option if you don’t mind losing the flexibility of the different sections of the song, is to make it a one press song, convert the section of the song the same way, but then drop it in with the rest of the song and export the whole song as one beat. In both scenarios, during the 47 bpm section your BeatBuddy visual metronome won’t line up, but with the second option that will also continue to be a problem the rest of the song after that section.

Or, if you could live with the beat being at 56 rather than 47, you could write is as a half-time section within the 112 bpm parameter, and the metronome will line up.

I would be satisfied with just matching the behavior of the Pedal to the the software BeatBuddy manager, which already can change tempo, it seems.
I have a song that plays perfectly, with tempo changes in Manager but inot in the Pedal.

Thanks to all of you, Scorc042, Phil Flood and Lovesinging, for all your indications. Didn’t still use ProTools yet, but it seems I must go for it. In fact, I forgot to say that there is also a signature change from 4/4 to 6/8 in the subpart in question. Best regards, Louis