Smaller Footswitch Wanted

I’ve maxed out my pedal board space but want to add a new distortion pedal. The auxiliary BB footswitch would likely be the first to go away to make room for the new distortion pedal but I really like the scroll-to-the-next-song function instead of bending down and using the main BB pedal. Start and stop is nice too but not as critical. I rarely using the 2nd footswitch button (cymbal crash). Are there any smaller footswitches out there just to use for song scrolling and potentially start/stop? Thanks in advance.

You can perchase any footswitch to work with the BB, the switches have to be momentary switches. you can find smaller once them on ebay. Mosky Dual Footswitch Effects Pedal for Electric Guitar Dual Momentary Compact | eBay

Or are you looking for something similar to this size and type pedal?

Kind of expensive and not sure this is what you need. As renevmind mentions above it needs to be a non-latching momentary switch. I don’t think it would need TRS wiring, maybe just TS. Perhaps someone else can chime in with better insights.

You could always build your own for a lot less money. Let us know what you end up getting.

You could always walk into your local Guitar Center with your BeatBuddy (BB) pedal and see if they have any single button foot switches you could test with the BB.

@AdamB This is the one I use:

Thanks everyone. I ended up buying the Mosky footswitch. It was a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a bigger pedalboard to fit the BB footswitch!

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