Smoke From A Distant Fire

Would like to get a suggested beat for this song or the sng file.
Smoke From A Distant Fire by the Sanford Townsend Band.


I have this one tee’d up if OPB works for you.

Now I remember why I didn’t complete this one earlier: I couldn’t find a MIDI source file that had the same vibrancy as the Sanford-Townsend Band’s song. This one pretty much follows the melody but you might want to tinker with the tempo until it gains the same beat as the original.

Thank you. I guess my expectations of the beatbuddy were a little higher. If the beatbuddy could sound like this, I could use it live.

Sorry it doesn’t work for you.

It all depends on the availability and quality of the MIDI source file and that’s dependent on the skill of the sequencer. If you can find a better source file, PM me and I’ll see what I can do.

Are you disappointed in the sound of the BB or the swing?

If you have that file as a MIDI source, that would make your request much easier to fulfill (not to mention, much more reasonable). I’ve been using the BB since it first came out (I was a Kickstarter buyer), have a duo with a repertoire approaching 100 songs, and gig every weekend. There is no reason to be disappointed in the BB, other than maybe sometimes you have to be a bit creative to bend it to your will…

…which just about everyone on the site here will be happy to help you with!



Thanks Joe. I play professionally also. I’ve not been confident enough to use the BB yet. There is quite a bit of volume fluctuation from song to song. I’m not interested in spending a lot of time editing midi data, but now I’m being forced to learn it if I want to have somewhat of a professional backing drum. This site is full of people looking for solutions to the volume issues I’m referring to. Phil Flood even designed his own drums to suit people like me who want less, not more. I’m looking forward to having the confidence to use this in my live shows!

Sorry for the delay – been really busy!

The only real volume swings I see happen when you switch drum sets. Which is technically correct, but kind of a problem in the real world, I agree. Also worth noting – although they tell me otherwise – the V1.1 of the Standard kit seems to be much more balanced, but th rolls can be a bit much.

Still, we play 48 songs a night, 50+ nights a year, using three drum sets, and we soldier on just fine. :slight_smile:

Give your Buddy a shot. Seriously. It’s totally worth it.