Is it possible to edit a SNG. file in Beat Builder?

No, SNG files is a propriety format and is the whole song file including the midi loops and accent hits. Once a midi file is imbedded in an sng file you cannot edit it.

Thanks Psalm40.

This is actually made intentionally to protect MIDI files. Some sites sell their MIDI tracks and do not want for them to be freely redistributed without being purchased. Embedding MIDI files and distributing them in such close format like BBS will help protect their intellectual property, as noone can get access to the MIDI files without purchasing them first.

That means end users are free to create BeatBuddy songs with purchased MIDI files and upload them to the forum without breaching any ToS!

But actually, you can upload sng files : how can you read them ? Is it possible to use BBM to read and use them ? Please, forgive my english…

Yes the BB reads the SNG files but you cannot edit the midi data that is within them, to do that you would need the original midi files themselves hence Singular Sound has made all the midi files that make up the original beats that come preloaded, freely available.