.sng folders with bbs files inside to import?

New to BB, I found some songs on the forum that I would like to load into the pedal, however the folders are named with the .sng ext and have a SONG folder inside with just the config and .bbs files for the song. How do I get these imported into BBM? No problems with song files with .sng, these loaded just fine.

Not quite sure I understand what you are looking for. .sng files are “containers” that hold the files needed by the BBM and pedal. It’s possible that you are seeing the contents of these container .sng files.

Could you provide a link to the songs or files you are referring to?

Otherwise, all you should have to do is use the BBM to import a song (or folder—a file with a .pbf extension).

Here’s and example - https://forum.singularsound.com/t/pink-floyd-comfortably-numb-with-bass-2018-03-09-pink-floyd-comfortably-numb-with-bass/10764?u=boeh58

these are unzipped files in the Resources-Song Files-Rock Beats forum with folders with the song name and the .sng extension, and inside the folders are folders named SONG with a config file and a .bbs song file. No .pbf’s anywhere. Thks


Thanks. I downloaded the file and all I have is a single file Comfortably Numb with Bass.sng

It sounds like you are trying to open the file using your computer’s OS or trying to expand it using a utility. If this is the case, you need to use the BeatBuddy Manager File > Import > Song to bring the file into the BBM and then use the BBM to Export Project to SD card after which you can use Synchronize Project to SD card and your song should be available in your pedal.

If I’m still off the mark, it might be helpful if you explain (maybe show us a screen shot of the contents of the file) of how you’re getting to a point where you are seeing the contents of the file.

The BBM should be the only program you are using to get manage .sng files, .pbf files and .drm drum set files.

There are video tutorials posted by Singular Sound and other users that you might also find helpful.

Here’s what I’m doing - I find a shared song on the forum, click the link and then import the zipped file into Dropbox. I then put the zipped file onto my computer and unzip it, where I get a folder (not a file) with a name ******.sng that has folders inside it named SONG, EFFECTS and a version.bcf file. The SONG folder has the .bbs file and the config file in it. Maybe it’s the Dropbox step? I’m using WIndows
and BBM on my laptop, but mostly I browse the forum for content on my iPhone, hence using Dropbox before I put the files in my laptop that has BBM. I’ll try putting the shared content zips directly on my laptop and avoid DB, maybe that’s it. I have several shared songs in .sng folders like this, just haven’t figured out how to get them into BBM.

Now that you mention it, as a Mac user, I ran into this problem quite a while ago when downloading files to Dropbox. Somehow, Quicklook on the Mac sees the .sng file in Dropbox as a zip file and it can see the uncompressed contents within the .sng file. For that reason, I now do a direct download or to iCloud. Sounds like you’ve pretty well come to the same conclusion.

Yeah, that was it (my message above) Downloaded directly to my computer and it worked fine. Thanks for your help. And

FYI for anyone else:

I’ve had this happen with drum kits, too. When you get to a Dropbox window that looks like this

Instead of clicking on the file name to download what you want, you need to click on the Download link at the top right of the window.

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