sng vs zip Files

I looked at downloading some songs from the resources section and found some are .sng and others are .zip. I successfully downloaded a few .sng songs and they played ok. But what do i need to do with the .zip files so i can import them into the BBM? Thanks.

Unzip the package. Double click on the zip, and it should expand into a folder with the .sng and whatever else the author decided to give you. You may need to download an unzip utility, but both windows and Mac usually handle this task automatically.

I saved a .zip file but when I opened it there were just 4 files there?

And none was a .sng? What song was that?

Never Been To Spain

Ok. I just checked it. Like you say, it has 4 files. There is a PDF, an sng, and two midi files. Just import the .sng like you did the other sng that you downloaded. You will need the NP Standard Pro with Bass kit to get it to sound the way the author intended. Search the forum for info on how to get that kit. I believe I explained that a couple days ago.

Thanks much for the help. I just discovered how to unzip the file (duh) before all I was doing was double clicking on it. I think I’m gonna give it a rest for now and start fresh in the morning. Thanks again, you have been a great help. I suspect I will have further questions (lol), I’m venturing into totally new territory But that’s fun when you have people who want to help. I can see buying this was a good decision.