So confused on MIDI files to the BB for song play...

So I have the dropbox thing working, the midi songs I like, and the MIDI editor to open the MIDI files; but what, where, how do you make a sng file to use on the BB???

You don’t - the sng file is the propriety file type of the Beatbuddy incorporating the midi files, accent hits and parts that make up a specific song.
You need to use the Beatbuddy manager, explaining this can be lengthy and there is plenty of info here on how to do this. Start by becoming familiar with the software by reading the beta manual. If you prefer videos start watching my tutorial videos.

I’m a bit lost how this information is being missed? I understand people don’t want to read manuals but how do people decide to buy the BB without doing research on how it works or what it sounds like, seems like some people have money to burn.
…rant over…not directed at you per se.

Well, chief, it was easy to find and so up front, I would not be looking for it.
Maybe it is in the video, but not in the manual, I have looked and looked for specific info on how to use the MIDI files. I understand how they are used by the BB but not how to get them in the machine drum editor I imagine. Any idea a time locator on the video where this is shown??
I have gone through them, maybe I was not interested in that facet when I viewed it and trying to jump through it, is hit and miss, I cannot find it.

Mate I think Psalm might be a little frustrated because the same questions pop up each week in the forum. I think its a reflection on the poor handling of the software for the beatbuddy. It’s a great pedal but was designed so people could create there own beats in an already available midi editor and import them in to Beatbuddy Manager but I don’t think they understood that midi files are like talking a foreign language to most people. Psalm has made some great tutorials so make sure to check them out.


Yeah, I get that, but it is something you are going to see over and over again as new users come into this thing not sure how things work. I listened and read as much as I could find and still I am just getting it. It’s a normal thing really. On the Guitar Synth forum newbies ask the same thing every week. There is an advanced make life easier floorboard software editor that makes the unit so easy to program but you have to constantly tell new users you have to download a series of things before you can really use the unit but the questions start right off.
Being the info source for a users web site is all the same, repetitious questions and as I experience, generic answers.
Actually telling someone where something is actually found, is helpful and perhaps one might avoid the same question next week.
So far no one has said, hey that is discussed in 3:45 on “this” video. All you get is “watch everything”, after the first round of boredom life is too short. I am sure after I discover the hidden result it is not going to amount to something I can really use.
I am getting disenchanted with the unit daily. I am considering returning it.
Just was not what I was expecting and all this “song” stuff seldom amounts to much. The factory samples with 2 parts programmed is not much use for me, that same mechanical loop thing, I just hated in the first place. This one may go back and I can apply the money to perhaps the TRIO as that is more what I want. Some of the more complex sounds are cool to mess with but how many times are you going to play a restricted to the beat match of that song until you just hate it? I need a tool for improvisation and some interesting patterns, at least 3 to a “song”. I am not seeing it here so I think I may have made a mistake getting the BB.

I suppose we each approached this guy with different expectations. I play a weekly solo “acoustic” like show, and also spent the previous year to that playing with a drummer, being unable to find a regular bass player and other musicians to play with. I don’t really like to “jam” anymore, as I’m old and that to me gets boring. I’m done jamming–I want to play songs.

So, when I got it, I messed with it, and it sounded cool, but I was stuck in the same mess I had before. Me, and a drummer, which just wasn’t really satisfying to me for playing songs. I missed the full band sound. Then Guitar Stu had a brain flash, and figured out he could make certain notes bass notes, and after a while, we can now have bass and drums with the beatbuddy. It was a bit of a learning curve, but to me completely worth it, as i now play my solo show with a full sound of accompaniment. I’m glad I didn’t give up on it.

If you want better loops than what comes with the pedal, they have some for sale here, and also groove monkey has a bunch of loops (for free even) that many have said are awesome. With a little work, you can make the pedal do pretty much anything you want. Before you give up on it, at least check out those new loop sources, and check out the new songs that get posted fairly regularly.