So far this Buddy is amazing!

Hey guys, just got the BB. Been playing around with it for about 4 hours. Has anyone ever used it with a TC Electronic Ditto X4? I am still poking around the forum to see. Just looking for some general info about syncing the BB with the X4. I’m pretty techie, so will most likely figure it out on my own. Just wondering about other experiences. (…am picking up the midi breakout cable online, momentarily…then I wait…)

a little jam in the living room…the wheels fall off around 2 minute mark!!
love this pedal so far!

Glad to hear you love it! :slight_smile:

Regarding syncing the BB with your looper, did you have any specific questions? You can always post tech questions here on the forum, or email us at

I have downloaded all the MIDI info that I found in your downloads section on this site. I’ll be tooling around with it, and have found some pretty good videos. Seems pretty straight forward, and most of the changes needed to be made (if any) would probably be occurring on the X4 looper, so I don’t expect you to have an answer for me.
Just wondering if there is a way to access the MIDI menu on the BB, but I have downloaded the full manual as well, just have not gotten a chance to scroll through it yet. Thanks!

You can access the MIDI settings in the BeatBuddy. Press down at the same time on the ‘tempo’ and ‘drumset’ knobs, then Main Pedal > MIDI Settings.

Make sure you have our latest firmware as well:

OH YEAH! Am I able to check the firmware version on the pedal with a button press like accessing the MIDI settings?

Actually I think I found it…looks like it says FIRM - 1.9.2
Would that be the latest?

That was going to be the latest, but we found some minor bugs. The factory sent out a small batch with that firmware version installed. Install the firmware version 1.85 - the next official version will be ready within the next month or two.

OK I will roll it back. Thanks!

O you will love it even more as you get into it. Especially since you are willing to dig into all the available tools. I always feel bad for the ones who refuse to even try to learn things like BBmanager and the MIDI editor. Those two things Widen your experience with the Pedal 100%.

Haven’t gotten into the Manager yet…looking forward to it though. You basically make your own songs up in there with the BB files, something like that?

You really need to use and learn about the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) as it’s the key to successfully using the pedal. Yes, it will help you start to assemble songs from the different beats that are provided. If you want to create songs, at some point you should consider heavier duty tools such as Beat Builder or Reaper.

Yeah I use Studio One to record with. I have been an audio guy my whole life and never really fussed with MIDI. But I have been using S1 to make songs with self-recorded loops. I record all my own instruments and chop up some loops. I’d like to see what BB can do with my Steven Slate Drums samples. Could be very cool!

The Studio One Prime version is free:

Yup…I’ve got v3 Pro…all good!