So Many Roads - The Grateful Dead

Uses STAX 4 octave piano & strings:

I thought I’d do something a little different, since this song has 2 jam sections on the So Many Roads album. I’ve put together an OPB, which track the version on the album, but has a few less repetitions of the ending loop, and I have created a segmented jam version, which will allow you to play the verse jam and the outro jam for as long as you like.

Package includes: 2 .sng files, folder of segmented version parts, merged complete midi from OP version, pdf cheat.

So Many (98.7 KB)

Per request, I am adding an OP version and a Jam version raised 1 step. I have not prepared an additional cheat for these versions.

So_Many_Roads OPBks G.sng (24.9 KB)

So_Many_Roads_jam_G.sng (17.9 KB)

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One of my all time favorites. Thanks again, Phil!

Just spent some time with your version(s) of this…you knocked it out of the park, bud, really enjoyed the jam version! Good work.

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Thank you so much. Getting positive feedback like that motivates me to keep going. Much appreciated.

Fantastic job Phil!! And Thanks so much for doing the raised 1 step version!! All your work is greatly appreciated and I can’t thank you enough! Thanks!!