Sobriety level question

Hi all, I am a bassist looking for a drum machine for, at least initially, practise. I’m very keen on the beat buddy pedals, at least the online videos I’ve seen lead me to believe they would fit my needs.

The sobriety level function looks like a great practice tool but is this available on the beat buddy mini 2 or just the main beat buddy pedal?

Thanking you in advance for your help.


I think it’s only available on the big BeatBuddy.

Honestly, the Sobriety function is not overly useful unless you’re just looking for a challenging exercise to follow a REALLY faulty drum beat. The levels essentially go from sober to well past tipsy. I actually would not mind experimenting with timing that was a little loose, but the first level of non-sober is about four beers past that point, and it gets worse from there.

I believe SS added it as a bit of a joke – and it was funny. What are you hoping to accomplish with it?

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I was thinking the other day… That mode definitely won’t work well with the Aeros… I prefer to keep my pedal sober anyways…

This was a much more important feature than working on the BB Manager. :stuck_out_tongue:


Here a link to a great video which explains it all :wink:

Drunken drummer

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The plan was to practise alongside a drum machine but one that was ‘human’ and not in perfect time constantly. Judging by your post though, the sobriety level function on the beat buddy won’t give me that.

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post

Great video and I know n ow that this isn’t what I was expecting or need.

hillbilly, if you can get good at practicing along with the Beatbuddy’s perfect beats, you’ll have no problem jamming along with real people when the time comes… You’ll probably be one of the ones with the best sense of timing…

So, what’s interesting about the Beat Buddy is the beats included are almost always imperfect. They are played in by a real drummer and they are not quantized. If you pull them into a MIDI editor, you’ll be surprised by how far off they are – Goran does a great job of playing “around” the beat. So it all feels really organic.

But if you really need somegthing a bit more drummer-in-training, then here’s my wish list for the sobriety function…

Right now, it appears the function simply changes the tempo from the preset speed to some predetermined high speed to preset to low speed to preset, and so on at regular intervals. I would love to see the function changed so that

  • We set the high and low timing values (“plus/minus BPM”)
  • We set the time interval at which the tempo shifts.
  • The BB changes the tempo at the intervals we chose to a tempo within the range we’ve set, but not necessarily the extremes.

The net effect would be that if we took a song at 100BPM and set the interval to +/- 5 BPM and the time interval to six beats, the BB would slide the tempo to a random speed between 95 and 105 BPM every sixth beat, coming back to the programmed beat every second shift – or not. Maybe it just randomly slowly oscillates within the range. Which would simulate a real drummer with some timing issues.

But, again, the beats provided were played in by a real drummer, so they’re pretty organic as-is.


Pretty normal I thought… I used to play with a drummer like that :smiley:

For total realism, it would be able to sing out of tune too

I used to play with a LOT of drummers that way. That’s why I have a Beat Buddy.