Soda Stereo Beats

Musica_Ligera.sng (736.9 KB) Persiana_Americana.sng (736.2 KB)

Musica Ligera, bpm 123

Persiana Americana, bpm 212

Drum Kit: StandardPBass



:love_you_gesture:t3: Que padre ver rock en español aquí!

How cool to see rock in spanish here!

Gracias! Merci! Cheers!

Por si acaso, les interesa:

Trátame suavemente la pueden tocar con ritmos de Blues 1 ó 2 (4/4) bpm 122.

Just in case, they are interested in:

You can play “Trátame suavemente” with drum beat Blues 1 or 2 (4/4) bpm 122.

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Please take an extra moment to translate your post to English. Thank you

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Hi, Joel (@cpajsbpr)!
Thank you for your Soda Stereo songs.
I tried Ventana Americana while listening to the original song and took the liberty of making some changes -based on what my ear told me! I hope you don’t mind me posting here, for you to try it out. Please tell me what you think. It has more parts than your version so I’d probably have to also post a short guide to indicate when each parts has to be engaged.
By the way, I found the tempo to be 202 (confirmed by Logic Pro). I also thought that the Rock drumset was more appropriate (a matter of taste, of course :))

UPDATE: I noticed that I misplaced one of the tamborine ‘notes’ in Fill4 (I think :confused: I fixed it and then forgot which one it was, sorry) It’s an easy fix. I also forgot to properly name the very last fill :grimacing:

Soda_Stereo-Persiana_Americana_LL.sng (2.4 KB)

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Nice work.

It is basically intuitive to change sections.

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Gracias. Thanks!