"Soft" drum for jazz

Hi all, BB is stunning but I find all drum sets samples are played with much energy (quite strongly).
Even “brushes” drum set is not as soft as one can expect. :slight_smile:

I’m starting to play BB with my Chapman Stick.

It would be nice to have a softly played jazz drum for ballads, maybe played just with brushes.

The top would be if samples could have “stirring soup” brushes as commented in another thread in the forum.

Happy BeatBuddying.

Suggest you search the web for jazz drum loops. You might find some free stuff, but for sale there’s many. You’ll need a WAV brushes drum set and jazz midi loops.

Another thing you could try is changing the velocity layers of the drum kits or the velocity of the midi notes themselves so you hear the softer hits more frequently.

I hope Singular Sound can add both, loops and midi and combine them as good as they did for other drum sets/rhitms.

In the meanwhile, I’ll try to do it by myself…

Thanks for suggestions. :slight_smile:


Wow, Great!

Let’see if I can get something interesting out of it…

Thanks very much. :slight_smile:

This helped to solve part of the problem.

I noticed that loudest layer of ride cymbal “brushes” drum set is probably played hitting the cymbal by the brush handle rather than by the brush itself, thus loosing the “softness” of the brush sound.

I raised the lower velocity limit of the loudest layer to 115 so keeping the swing on the ride cymbal gave to the whole set a softer mood.

About “stirring the soup” brushes, I see a problem in realistic reproduction, due to the fact that “stirring speed” is following tempo so you should have many samples, taken at different bpm.