Softer Drums

Newbie - Need softer drums for 2-3 piece winery gigs. Brushes are still too loud. Is there anything else our there?

Resorting to creating Midi files from my Yamaha Motif Drum kits which is time consuming and only 1 beat, no fills

Adjusting the velocity or lowering the volume of individual drums in the drumkit not enough? Or do you mean just the style of drums is too loud?

Drum style.
Using brushes but still sounds like I am crushing the snare.
Can try and reduce snare volume, I suppose.

The swipe snare on the jazz kit is great IMO!

I use the brushed kit with the jazz snare and shaker / tambo. Big difference in velocity once get over 70 on the brushes snare. Might be worth a shot!

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Awesome, thank you