Software- and Firmwareupdate

Hello developer team,
whats up? You have developed such a great product and you offer such a bad support for it!
If I think that the last version of the Beatbuddy Manager was released in July 2016 and the firmware has been doing for about 2 years, then I wonder if singular sound is even interested in improving its product. If I read in the forum so there are many approaches and wish the good potential to improve the Beatbuddy and also to make attractive for one man bands.

In the meantime, I had also read once that you would like to focus on the support but I think these were just empty words to calm this topic a bit.

How long should users wait until something happens here?



What would you want an update to include? Is there something with which you are unhappy?

Here is just an example:

  • BBmgr sort the drumsets
  • find unused drumsets to delete them
  • Firmware: implementing midisequenzes for controlling devices such as a Looper.

Who needs a sober mode? This time for the development of this function could have been better used in the last update. Somewhere in the old forum there was a wish list. Just ask around the users what you could improve and you’ll see what happens.


Could we set the midi CC# for events ourselves, I’ve found that while the Boss GT100 sends CC events its upper limit is #95 so I can’t use it to control the things I want e.g. start, stop, accent etc.

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What MIDI sequences do you want?

You can find all the currently supported MIDI commands here:

i do not need midi sequences to control the beatbuddy. Tis midi sequences i know and they are very helpful for me.
It would be very helpful to place midi CC in my midi file that BB sends out to other devices like a looper (CCxx to start a looper CCyy to stop the looper and so on).

I have often read in this forum that the desire for such a function exists.


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So you want to be able to trigger start, stop, perhaps overdub, and clear-all (at the end of a song) from the parts (i.e., “verse” and “chorus”) of a Beat Buddy song? Boy, @DavidPackouz, that would be a really cool, exclusive integration into, let’s say, a Singular Sound looper of some sort. Loopers scare me in live situations, but if I could tell a looper what to do beforehand – like when I’m at my desk programming songs – boy, would THAT ever be handy!

And it would be an integration that would make a Singular looper extraordinarily useful for a Beat Buddy and vice versa, without negating it’s value as a stand-alone looper.

Werner, as someone who is afraid of live looping, I like how (I think) you think!


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In terms of midi commands, note volume in the midi that would be read by the BB would be my #1 wish. Velocity is a very imperfect tool.

#2 would be BPM by part, expressed as a percentage of the set BPM for the song. This would be more effective than a set BPM per section. Example - with set BPM per section a song gets created at 100 BPM, and later has a 70 BPM part. If the user choose to decrease the BPM for part 1 to 90, the slower section should get automatically reduced to 63.

#3 - pitch bend. It would be nice to be able to keep pitch bend on notes in a part. While mainly for bass, horns, and guitar, it does have drum uses. I have seen Cuban guys get some great pitch bends on Congas. Plus, having it available creates a means to make new sounds - pitch bend a cymbal? Why not?

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If I see the reaction to my thread then I think that there are many more approaches that the Beatbuddy could do even better. It would be very desirable if after such a long break again comes a firmware that upgrades the Beatbuddy.
But nothing like the function “sober” because that is a fun feature but you do not need something like that

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It’s funny you say that because I just met someone who told me they love practicing to the BeatBuddy with the sobriety feature because it helps them get used to real life situations :joy:

But yes, I hear all of your suggestions and they’re all very cool. We are currently working on a new firmware and software release and will try to include as many requests as we can.

that would be very cool because I think the capabilities of this device are far from exhausted.

Hi David.

Nice to see you are listing to the forums.
I use the beat buddy live and have a couple annoying things that I hope could be improved:

  1. Each song does not have have it’s own specific volume level. It’s all the same, in other words it’s a global setting. I find that some drumsets are louder than others between songs and I am having to reach down a lot to control the volume and it throws off my live performances sometimes. It’s embarrassing. Using a volume pedal does not help. I know that in the beat buddy software there is a volume setting for the drumset I belive that is ignored by the actual beat buddy device. Why is this?

  2. I have have a lot of songs from user created content that have bass lines that pop between notes due to some limitation in the beat buddy pedal itself that is caused by the bass not being cut off or something like that. It does not end the not gracefully due non-zero crossover and causes again embarrassing popping noises thru out the song. I notice that the BB software when auditioning songs on my computer does not have these popping noise issues and leads me to believe that your engineers may have solved the issue that but have not put the fix in the firmware yet on the pedal? If so when is that going to be released?

  3. I would love to be able to program the extra footswitch buttons per song rather than having them as global settings. Some songs have different requirements. I find I would like the end a song with a simple footswitch button press rather than having to stomp the beat buddy twice or 3 times. It throws me off sometimes during the song, or I press pedal 2 times by mistake during a song and ends it prematurely. This also is embarrassing.

I’ve used the beat buddy for hours and hours both live and rehearsal for the last few years and find it a staple in my performance and ingenious, but find that these quirks would be great to fix if possible thus making it nearly perfect very empowering.



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Still waiting for updates to the beats themselves. We were promised a release with simplified fills etc. When is this coming?

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