Still waiting to receive my pedal, but I was just curious as to whether or not I’ll be able to plug the pedal into the computer and have the software pop up automatically for customizing and editing or if that’s something I’ll need to download from the Internet. I ask because I do not have regular internet access so I didn’t know if that was going to be an issue. Also, will I need the midi cable for any of that or just the USB? I’m kind of technically challenged when it comes to software stuff haha. Thanks in advance!


Software is downloadable, and available now…(search on the technical support)
You only need the USB cable, midi is for controlling or being controlled by other units for timing of loops and so on.


So being that I do not have internet at my house, would I be able to download the software on to the pedal and upload it to my computer at home or is it only downloaded to the computer you are using at the time. Sorry if that’s a stupid question. Don’t have much experience with this kind of stuff. Also, can any PC run the software or are there certain specs required?


I suspect at some time it may get included actually on the pedals, but for now the only option is to download it.
It should work with any PC running a modern version of windows 7 or 8. (I use 7)
You can however download it to your pedal…it is basically just a simple disk drive when connected, then copy it back to your PC when you get home

Interestingly I just tried a small experiment to see if I could get the Manager Software to work independent of the pedal.
It can be done,
Download the software
Download the backup SD card
unzip the backup SD to a folder of your own name, but keep it simple… BBLocal for example

Install the Manager
run it
Import Project from Pedal…

now here you may get some errors popping up as I think the default values relate to the developers own drive configurations but just cancel …you may need to do that a few times 5 or 6…or maybe not…

But at some point you will be asked to point at the project folder…point it at your own local folder BBLocal
then press enter
it will then ask for a project name, enter whatever you want I used test
then just answer yes to the popups

when done it will import all the files and you can then play with it as if you had the pedal connected…



Awesome! Thank you very much!


Windows or Mac?

It had to be done. I don’t want to be a pain in asking this question but I am curious because so many of us are commenting on the difficulties in setting up the BB Manager on a Mac. What is the proportion of Windows users to Mac users? If you just reply with “Mac” or “Windows” I’ll do my best to compile the results…


Actually, your PC should run a superior operating system - Windows, and not Mac.

Pun intended, but superior operating systems always get software adapted for them first! :slight_smile:


Ah lets not start a Mac vs Windows debate (I use Windows mostly, but also have a Mac)

A LOT of musicians do use Macs, it has far superior audio interfacing and some very cool software, Garage Band, Logic Pro, Ableton etc…So while its normally true to say in the greater scheme of use, Windows has a higher userbase, for musicians I suspect Windows is not quite as dominant.