Software for XP

I just ordered the beatbuddy but I’m still using XP. A few months ago when I was first starting to be interested in the box, I asked if there is any Software for XP available and I got a few replies on my post. But now that the beatbuddy is finally coming I can’t find the info anymore on this forum. “XP” is too short of a term to do a search.
So , please, is there software available for XP and how can I get it?

The person you need to talk to is “Daef”. I think he made the statement that he had the software for the Windows XP all set up. Also, talk to Psalm40. He might have a downloadable copy of it.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Sorry I just figured out how to access my old my posts from Jan 2015, so I think I’m OK for now. (Unless there is something new for XP users of course)

There is a link in this thread :

According to BeatBuddy Support: <>.

Here’s a link to an unsupported version that might work for XP but don’t count on the BeatBuddy Support team being able to help you if it doesn’t work or provide all the functionality: <>; and the disclaimer that comes along with the link: "This is a persistent link to Daef’s Google Drive for BBManager 1.5.0+ for WinXP x86 (no installer version). When he uploads a new version, the link doesn’t change. Right now version is there. He’s tested the archive works on Windows XP.

The only minor problem is it unfolds itself in the current directory. So if you download it one the desktop and unpack it, you’ll have a shitload of Qt .dll’s right on your desktop. Note the unpack path - you’d better change it while unpacking!"

BTW, I did a search using “Windows XP” to find the references above. Good luck and have fun. Since XP is getting kind of long in the tooth, maybe it’s about time to consider upgrading your OS. Hope it doesn’t mean having to buy a new computer ;- )

I just installed it. Don’t have the BB yet but it looks like it will work…
I use a Thinkpad laptop with XP sp3 5000 gig HD and 4 Gig RAM. Most of my data is on n external 2TB drive.It works great for the programs i have installed, but I realize I need to upgrade. I don’t know if i could get Windows 7 on it without reinstalling and reconfiguring all the programs.
If that was easy I’d do it in a heartbeat.