Software: Funk folder missing from midi source folder

Copied from limpets post:

noticed that the there is no midi source folder for “Funk” when you try to change the song components around and click on the component you want changed your are taken to the Brazilian category folder when going back to main file listing there isn’t one for Funk.

Hey, Psalm40! Please take my personal thank you for helping do stuff here on forum!

Looks like I’ve found the source of the problem. It is actually two-fold.

  1. The installer doesn’t install (sounds wrong isn’t it? :)) some MIDI files to the ‘Workspace’ correctly (like Funk).
  2. The installer actually puts incorrect paths in Windows registry for ‘Workspace’ for several folders (like Drum’n’Bass).

I am in the process of making a workaround - a standalone unpacked version that can be used without the installer that bugs for some users (and for Mac users to be able to use it through WINE).

While I am at it - Renaming the registry key ‘DRUMandBASS’ to actual ‘DRUM & BASS’ (in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Singular Sound\BBManager\BBWorkspace\default_lib\midi_sources). Who came up with storing bindings like this?! Why are they even necessary - just export the MIDI file from BBS when user clicks! This functional can then be explicitly forbidden for any ‘premium’ content. Currently these bindings automatically go off (from ‘default_lib’ to ‘user_lib’) when a song part is changed.

The content itself contains a lot of mistakes in it, that makes clicking to replace a song part fail without finding a file.

Just to name one - Blues 1 (SONGS\165DA150\9EE9EE10.BBS) doesn’t open any of the fills of part 1 (though everything else works fine!). I cannot fix it properly, as BBS file format is obscured. Opening the file in hex editor though, reveal absolute paths are stored there. They are probably leading to MIDI files on the local machine Goran himself used to pack the content. But it looks like the song was later reviewed, and other file paths are stored for the parts that fail to open.

For example, E:/Audio-more/Clients/Beat Buddy/Main Content Beats/MIDI LOOPS- ALL CONTENT/BLUES/Blues Song 1/BLUES- fill 1 build up w toms.mid will be correctly remapped onto installed Workspace\default_lib\BLUES\Blues Song 1\BLUES- fill 1 build up w toms.mid, but C:/Users/David/Documents/Beat Buddy/Goran/complete content v1.2/MIDI loops - content 1.2/BLUES/Blues Song 2/BLUES- fill 5 half bar classic.midwon’t.

Thank you, I try and help out when I can. I’m not an expert but we are all learning together on how this thing works or how we can make it work for us. Some of the issues and questions people have makes no sence especially as often we know little about the background of their setup etc… it is the nature of end user support not only have you got hardware you have got software and people have different systems interacting with both. I work with end users as a mobile IT engineer but at least I can go and see my users to resolve their issues, here we have users with different setups and technical knowledge flung all accross the globe.

Anyway back to this thread:
This now works for me, which is very strange :?: Most of what you mentioned above made sence to me others went above my head:?

However now my SD card has a MIDI loops - content 1.2 folder which contains the actual Midi files for the kits missing from the one that gets unpacked when you first import data from the pedal into the manager software.

I did download the latest version of the SD content and copied it onto my SD so that has probably provided a workaround for this issue.

Psalm40, you really rock!! This is brilliant, indeed.

I wasn’t able to fully guess the BBS file format, but it looks like it’s not as easy fix to simply change the stored paths. The BBS file stores at least total length and an absolute offset for the end of this fullpaths section.

But most likely I’ll reparse and reupload all the content this week.

If any MIDI files are missing, here is the link to download the folder containing all the default MIDI loops: