Solution to the Looper threads!?

Hey guys,

Any chance of an admin creating a pinned post that lists the Beat Buddy compatible loopers??? Everytime I’m on the forums its to see if there is any change in the situation and it takes so long to trawl through things, as I understand its:


Most loopers with MIDI ports will sync with the BeatBuddy. Certain ones (such as Boss loopers) tend to have some syncing issues at times. There are many threads here in the forum that talk about these issues. The three loopers you mentioned are our top recommendations, that we have seen sync really well with the BeatBuddy, but they are by no means the only compatible loopers with the BeatBuddy.

i still think a list would be good… Because i also would like to know which ones work well. Because i am going to buy (i think) a beat buddy and want to use a looper with it. So, for someone who plans to buy beat buddy, i would like a list of ones that work. So… i think that even though you don’t want to… I think you should :slight_smile:

Here’s the list of the top three:

  1. Pigtronix Infinity
  2. Boomerang III
  3. VoiceLive 3

Yeh, I gathered those were the 3, glad Bloomk inderstands where I’m coming from, I find the volume of threads about loopers intimidating, thats why I thought a pinned post regarding compatible loopers (ie ones that actually work, not like Boss ones) would be good

Are there any cheaper examples of loopers that work good?

I guess it depends on what your requirements are. There are some nice looper pedals out there and they do many things well but may lack the capabilities that you need. Some users here prefer software loopers instead of pedal loopers. One of those often mentioned is Mobius by Circular Labs.

Here’s a list of looper pedal reviews:

Here’s a list of software loopers: (not sure how long ago this was written as Mobius 2 is available for the Mac)

Let us know which one you get.

Well, I need some advice on syncing the BB with a Gibson Echoplex. I can’t get any control at all between the two. Any advice or tutorial that is Echoplex specific would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Might be a tougher one to get an answer to as I’ve not see any Echoplex users comment. You might find someone on an Echoplex forum that has the experience with interfacing the device thru midi. Try this one:

Wrong device, this is what I’m looking for:

I’m sure if you put a little more effort into finding a forum, you can probably come up with one. Have you searched this forum to see how BB users are able to interface their BB midi to their looper? If not, it might be a good starting place :stuck_out_tongue:

I have looked around at many things but that site I posted has a wealth of knowledge about the Echoplex and the manual covers Midi. Can the BB accept a clock source as well as provide one? I am going to experiment because the Echoplex gives instruction about using Midi out to drum machines. Thanks.

I have found that BB accepts clock from Onsong via the PUC+ over bluetooth . Change the tempo in Onsong it changes the tempo on BB. There is a global setting in onsong midi setting that turns cock on.

Looper Topic:
I just bought the DITTO X4.
'Cool Looper. On it’s own, does what it needs to do right out of the box.
I bought it because it included the MIDI input and ability to sync.
I have tested the sync with BB pedal and MOST of the time it works.
I could be wrong, but when it doesn’t work, it seems to slip out of sync with beat one of the measure.
I’m wondering if it’s because the BB is constantly sending out a BEAT even before I step on the pedal. When you look at the BB pedal, the little flashing line is bopping along 1 2 3 4 -1 2 3 4 and the DITTO’s light is beating along in sync. But when I step on the BB pedal to start the groove, it appears to IMMEDIATELY start on BEAT ONE despite where the little line is at that time.
I’m getting the feeling that the DITTO isn’t catching that immediately. So what happens is that after BB throws me an intro and I slap the DITTO pedal to start recording my first loop, the DITTO might not be flying on the same beat of the measure.
I’m going to experiment more and I’ll add to this post.
If anyone else is experimenting with the BB/DITTO combination and is running into a similar anomaly, throw in with some details.

You can turn off the continuous sync in settings so that it only goes out when you are playing.
You can also change when it send out start (start of into or start of main beat or never) if you need that as well.

Hey, that works!
Been running these two pedals through the mill since I un-boxed the Ditto. Great combination so far.
The Ditto is pretty darn clean. Sounds great through my amp. (I just need to get better at constructing loops faster so I don’t bore the crap out of my audience setting up a song.)

Hey John M, let me know your success. I am shopping for the right looper too.
I asked TC Electronics about the same compatibility concerns. Their tech response said it would work, all I would need is the optional MIDI breakout cable for the BB, but warned: “Please note: The X4 does not respond to MIDI start and stop commands, so you will need to make sure to start and stop the X4 at the appropriate time to ensure your loops are completely in sync with your BB. This may take a bit of practice to get used to. The biggest thing is slightly anticipation the start and stop times.”

So far, so good.
tCE is correct regarding start-stop commands.
What I do is set up my extra BB button pedal to trigger for “END” and I step on it on Beat One so I have enough time to navigate to the X4 to tap the all-Stop function right when BB is ending the song.
Would it be nice if the X4 ended automatically: hell yea. But I’m getting used to the double tap and getting better at blowing my groove at the end of the song with all that tapping I have to think about.
As far as looping on its own goes: the x4 is pretty sweet. Very clean sound and sturdy build. (So far)