[Solved] 6x6 doesn't mean 6 tracks with 6 parts, right?

I just want to make sure I’m not missing a setting somewhere. In the way that 2x2 means 2 tracks and two separate parts, 6x6 is not the same, correct? I’m controlling with BB, and I tried to transition from 1 to 2, but it doesn’t do that in 6x6 mode. Like verse to bridge etc

No, it does mean 6 tracks with parts., or rather, it means 6 PARTS, with up to 6 tracks.

I think the issue you’re having is that in 2x2 mode, the BB transition is set to go from Part 1 to Part 2 and back. In 6x6 mode, you have to specify on the Aeros which part you want to transition to because you can have more than one. I think that’s how it works.

On the Aeros, when I create a 6x6 song, it shows 6 separate tracks. I record a bass in 1, a guitar in 2, keys in 3. But when I transition on the BB, it doesn’t go to a whole new page of 6 empty tracks. It actually just changes the beat on the BB, but all the tracks continue to play. In 2x2, when I press and hold for transition, it changes to a completely different page of 2 empty tracks. So the song has two separate parts.

Ah, ok!
You’re right! I just didn’t comprehend it at first. Ok, thank you! I got it now

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