SOLVED: BB Manager doesn't see name change?

So I am changing the name of a drumset so I can edit it without changing the original. In this case the Ballad set. I change it to a name totally unrelated to anything Ballad.

However when I go to import that drum kit into BB Manager it refuses to do so with the message “drumkit Ballad already here, nothing to do” even though the name is totally different.


I tell you this manger software is giving me the tom tits!! Every time I try to come up with a way to do something, there always seems to be this big set of hoops to jump through, or it comes up with brickwalls like this!

Interesting… I renamed a drum file I had (clicking on the name in BBM Drum Editor). I then did a ‘Save Drumset As’ which did save with a new file name. I think once saved this way any edits would be on the renamed file.
It seems to be separate and new from the original when I use ‘Open Drumset’. Did not try ‘Import Drumset’.

Here’s a helpful link: Brain fart!!!! see para 5. Unfortunately, the embedded screen shot did not migrate. Follow Phil Flood’s instructions. I included the screen shot he used in his post.

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Thanks Phil (not sure I understand the “brain fart” line, haha) - anyhoo did not know I could change the name there. Yet again another reason why a decent manual for the Manager app would be sooo handy!
I’ll call this one fixed.

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The “Brain Fart” line came from the original poster, who had forgotten how to create a kit. His line, not mine.

ahhh, okay…sorry wasn’t meant to be a crit of any sort, just curious. Although in my case those (brain farts) happen a lot hahaha!