SOLVED: BBM on MacOS -when trying to save project I keep getting

SOLVED: Turns out it was because the External drive I am using for data was (inadvertently) formatted to APFS “Case-Sensitive” instead of just simply APFS. For some reason under MacOS 14 (Sonoma) this restricts access to writing to the drive, even though it can be read.

The attached pic…
so I agree with that (click OK) and continue and try another name, and it just keeps saying each new project name already exists?? They have not even been saved or created, but the app keeps reporting that…how does one save a backup of a project to a data drive?

I wouldn’t use BBM to make a backup. Open Finder, create a folder to save your backup to and then copy all the contents of your SD card to that folder.
Also, the project should be in the root of the SD card, not a sub folder. It looks like “/Volumes/DM External DATA/” is your SD card and you have the project in a folder named “Beatbuddy Data”

I do the same as andrew13, make full copy of contents into a folder…keep a few backup cards made is the ticket.

Thanks Andrew, no that is the data drive, not the SD card. I’m aware the project is in the root of the SD card.

@pax-eterna please write to at your earliest convenience for some help here


Although I am not holding out much hope, sent a message days ago about buying a gold edition and all I got was the sound of crickets haha!