SOLVED: How do I pair iPhone to the Maestro -without using the app?

But NOT using the app? I want to use some other software to send via Maestro on to the BB…it seems to only pair by a user selecting a command in the SS iOS app, and there does not appear to be any other way to pair it. It never appears in the Bluetooth devices pages of the phone.

In this case it was the BBFF app so I could use it for at gig song selection, outside of “set” playlists and still be able to control BB from the Maestro. Tap the BT icon in that app (although that was not clear as it is very small and at the top right…which to me just meant it was BT capable, not that THAT was the pairing device :slight_smile: ) any, do that select it as the input and output source and away we go :slight_smile:

I managed to connect MobileSheets to Maestro very easily with my iPad. Just make sure the Bluetooth light is blinking. I think you can connect only one app at a time.

Neither for me. But at least with MobileSheets you connect directly from the app.

Just notice that if you want to switch between the apps you need to power down the Maestro before reconnecting with the SS app. MobileSheets connected fine after the SS app was disconnected.

Note: I’m using SS app on Android phone and MobileSheets on iPad.

Thanks, not sure the app does that and I’m pretty sure I already follow those steps but I will have another look!

Hey there,

Since the MIDI Maestro does not have an onboard mechanism to connect to the device itself, it must be connected to using a device that has the interface to connect to the MM. For example, OnSong has settings that allow you to pair MM directly to the app. If you are using another device that has BLE but does not have a method to actually connect to a device, there is no way for the two devices to connect to one another.

Thanks for the question!