SOLVED: Maestro, BB and iPad - all bluetooth - suggestions?

My brain is fuzzy this morning and I just cannot see a way that what I want to do is going to work - NEATLY!

So some suggestions would be helpful. I usually figure this out for myself, but as I said at the mo I am a bit fuzzy…

Ok, I need to select songs on the BB from the iPad via BT, I also want to use the Maestro to control the BB. But, looking at how it all connects up I cannot see a way to do both.

Any ideas?

ahhh, penny has dropped I think - I should be able to use the MM as the BT device paired to the iPad and then connect the midi out from MM to BB, ergo when I select a song from the iPad (having set up the MM as the device in the app of course) it should work, maybe haha!

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Yep that works fine - job’s right!!

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