Some Cumbia and Merengue Rhythms

I just got my BeatBuddy and didn’t find any Latin Cumbia or Merengue beats. So I made some from midi files from the intertnet. They are split out into Beats, Fills, Transitions, etc. and all are mapped to the default Latin BB drumkit. I hope you enjoy. I learned a lot making them. If you have some to share, please add to the list.

Cumbia01.sng (2.4 KB)
Cumbia02.sng (631.3 KB)
Cumbia03.sng (630.3 KB)
Cumbia04.sng (630.5 KB)

CumbiaAdelita.sng (1.8 KB)
CumbiaOrquestaPan.sng (2.3 KB)
CumbiaSonoraDinamita.sng (3.6 KB)
CumbiaTrop.sng (631.0 KB)

Merengue01.sng (3.5 KB)
Merengue02.sng (7.9 KB)


Wow THIS is the good stuff!! You have great taste, Gracias!!

Hi CristoViene,
Very nice, thank you. But if you made some Dominican merengue songs with tambora and guira (nothing else, no clave) I’d be happily willing to pay you for them. What do you think? Or maybe show me how to make them? Thanks!

Hello, I downloaded the files but I have a problem, maybe with the update the beats were modified and I don’t know how to fix it, I hope you can help me, while I cooperate with a pace that I got too basic and I hope they are not the same as the ones you uploaded, see you and thank you very much for the contribution to this forum.

Cumbia Base.sng (629.8 KB)

Make sure you are using the latest version of the Latin drum set (which is what the songs were crafted for). I see in Cumbia Base that you were using the Standard Pro drum set.

I just checked all of the beats posted by CristoViene. Two songs will require that you select the Latin drum set: Merengue02 and CumbiaAdelita.

There are some song sections with Not supported notes. It appears that CristoViene used Toontrack drums but not knowing what he wanted these Not supported notes to represent makes it a minor inconvenience to remap to some other drum instrument. That’s something you could probably experiment with using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) built-in MIDI Editor to move those Not Supported notes to another position.

For example in Merengue02, the song uses Not supported MIDI ID note 16 (which—I’m guessing—could correspond with Timbale 1 (Flams); try moving MIDI ID note 16 to MIDI ID 66 and see how it sounds to your ears.
Screen Shot 2019-12-20 at 9.46.51 AM

Another example is in the Intro section of Merengue01 which has Not Supported Notes 93 and 98

You can change the Default Tempo from 90 to whatever meets your needs.

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Hello Cristo , i have no idea how to get this on my beatbuddy , can any one help me please !???

Two things to make it easier on you: