Some Cumbia and Merengue Rhythms

I just got my BeatBuddy and didn’t find any Latin Cumbia or Merengue beats. So I made some from midi files from the intertnet. They are split out into Beats, Fills, Transitions, etc. and all are mapped to the default Latin BB drumkit. I hope you enjoy. I learned a lot making them. If you have some to share, please add to the list.

Cumbia01.sng (2.4 KB)
Cumbia02.sng (631.3 KB)
Cumbia03.sng (630.3 KB)
Cumbia04.sng (630.5 KB)

CumbiaAdelita.sng (1.8 KB)
CumbiaOrquestaPan.sng (2.3 KB)
CumbiaSonoraDinamita.sng (3.6 KB)
CumbiaTrop.sng (631.0 KB)

Merengue01.sng (3.5 KB)
Merengue02.sng (7.9 KB)


Wow THIS is the good stuff!! You have great taste, Gracias!!

Hi CristoViene,
Very nice, thank you. But if you made some Dominican merengue songs with tambora and guira (nothing else, no clave) I’d be happily willing to pay you for them. What do you think? Or maybe show me how to make them? Thanks!