Some drum sounds don't load, or can take a few minutes to load

I created some sounds to add to the standard drum kit, and have created a song with which to use them.On the bbmananger, the song plays perfectly. but after syncing to the device, some sounds either a) wont play at all within the beat as expected, and others I can leave the beat running for around a minute, then the new sound will just start playing as it should, or c) the sound will play as expected.

The sounds are less than 2 seconds long, and all were created with the same software and, as mentioned, they work correctly and play correctly using the bbmanager. I used the syncronise project button to get the kit and song to the beatbuddy, so:

has anyone else experienced this, or am i actually doing it all wrong?

Thanks in advance

Sounds like your sync process got f@#d up. Your modified drumsets didn’t make it to the pedal.
Try using Import - Export > Export Project to Pedal instead. Or manually copy 4 folders SONGS, PARAMS, EFFECT and DRUMSETS from your project to the SD card, overwriting everything.

Thanks for the response. I tried as you suggested with the Export Project to Pedal. It went through the motions of copying everything over, and then i tried again, but still no joy. Just seems to be random. Some times a sound will appear in the loop as expected, and i come back later, turn on and try again, it wont. Testing now, and the loop had a tambourine roll that should have been playing.

As i am typing this i left it on in the background, and then after about 2 minutes, low and behold, the tambourine roll suddenly makes i?ts entrance on the loop!
Change and load to a different drum kit, then switch back and leave the loop running, and the tambourine no longer appears. This time I have my stopwatch - 95 seconds before the tambourine graces me with its presence.
Swap drum kits, swap back, and the tambourine loads straight away - however, the second tambourine sound i added no longer plays - 100 second before it starts to play as it should.
But included in that is a deck of cards being shuffled that never plays whatsoever.

Maybe start from scratch with the original drum kits and add them in again?

Might be bad SD card issue. I got poor quality SD with my BB. Try to find class 10 SD card from local store.

Thanks for that. Will try another SD Card.

okay… tried a 10 SD Card, and although it wasn’t successful, it may have highlighted my issue. There are 2 sounds that I have added that I am having issues with. Three other sounds i added are 90kb, 30kb, and 30kb. The two sounds with the issue are 188kb and 422kb, and the Beat Buddy will play 1 or the other - it wont play them both, and it seems random as to which one it picks. Is there are max recommended size for the drum sound?

just seen a post from daefecator that the max size of a wave file is 3.7mb so there should be no problems on that. maybe its crappy wav files. will try and create them again and see if i can get it working. thanks for the help everyone :slight_smile:

To be honest, I am not sure that I ever stated that. But I do indeed remember a figure like this - a limit of 3.7Mb seems pretty legit for each WAV file. What I know for sure at the moment - is the maximum size of the whole drum set (sum of all WAV files sizes) is limited to 100Mb.