Some features missing


today i tried a different things on my bb. I made a setlist and synced it with the bb. The syncing process took a lot of time because the computer was transferring not only my setlist.
So i found some questions that i could not answer for me as a beginner:

  • do i have to sync all the stuff from the SD-Card or can i delete the folders outside my setlist?
    in your turorial video there was shown only some folders and not more

  • my computer cannot play the bb sounds i have created because he is not fast enough. Is there a chance to speed it up with your software?

  • its important to manage songs or stelists without the computer. When im together with my bandmate in our practice room there is no computer. When we decide to speed up a song tempo from 100 to 120 beats its important to store the actual song with the new settings without any computer! Would it be possible to include this function in further updates?

  • is it possible to edit the setlist on my computer (card reader) to manage song order?

  • i have a double footswitch (latched) and its working but not in this way i want.
    I like to have on switch1 pause/unpause and on switch2 next song in my setlist. I can make it work with pause/unpause but next song is not possible to select. Even i cannot understand the syntax of the footswich. What means “1st switch playing” and “1st switch stopped”? and why are there different actions?

  • while bb is connected with my computer i cannot do any action because its shown “usb device connected”. Is it needed to block the whole device?



Okay, let’s try to sort this out.


In order to not loose anything, you must synchronize all the stuff. Treat the whole package like a solid archive. Sync’ing parts is impossible as of currently.
You may definitely delete some folders you feel you don’t need, but you should do it via BBManager (on computer :/) in order to keep all parts of the project in a conformed state. (Namely, CONFIG.CFG files should be valid).

Yes, the software is pretty resource heavy currently, and some overall optimizations are definitely to be made after some main tasks (like getting a Mac version) are finished.

I’ve seen this suggestion came up numerous times, and there was a time when David directly asked whether users feel hardware unit should change the songs or not, but as far as I recall, the general consensus was to left hardware unit to never change songs.

When practicing with friends it’s probably best to simply memorize (or write down) the BPM for songs that you liked, and later fix them with a computer. I personally like it very much that I can set whatever tempo I like, and whenever I change my songs it gets set to the preset default one (not mine).

So, to reiterate, current philosophy behind current implementation is that hardware unit plays only, all changes are made through the software. But there are definitely certain inconveniences with this, so in future this is likely to get changed.

Both switches behave differently according to whether BeatBuddy is playing a song or not. “1st switch playing” is an action to be done when you press 1st switch AND BB is playing. “1st switch stopped” is an action to be done when you press that same 1st switch but BB is stopped. It’s up to you to set them to either different or same actions.
Anyways, I’d suggest you to read the manual (RTFM!) :slight_smile:

As the BeatBuddy doesn’t run an operating system and it needs the SD card contents to work properly, and considering that when you plug it to computer these files may get changed, it was chosen to block BB entirely.
I personally feel it is not very cool, but that was the easiest working solution. I’d expect that to change somewhere in the lifetime of the product, but this is not of very high priority currently.


Thats your philosophy that harware unit plays only but you will see in the in the future that not everyone wants to connect to the computer only to change one parameter! Your philosophy will not be okay because i found out you can store a new beat tempo simply by pressing the beat knob for 2 seconds. If i can store this beat tempo why isnt it possible to store the entire configuration?
And the rearrange of a setlist (change the order of playing) in your bb manager is not very comfortable. It would be more comfortable to change this in the bb as i said i dont like to connect the computer just to change one parameter. I know some musicans the like devices like your bb but they like to make changes very fast without any other hardware!
Believe me its more comfortable as i suggest.

Thank you now i know how it works


That’s a tip that is good to know. Thanks!!



Yeah, this was added pretty recently, so you can definitely look like an exception to the general rules currently.

I was not defending the philosophy of “hardware plays, software changes”, but simply stating how BB initially was designed. And this very philosophy is likely to get changed in the future because of that exact reasons you have said yourself.


nice to hear it!
Im looking forward to the next Update. When will it released?



This is very early to speak about any specific date set, unfortunately.

Whole new design and philosophy model is in the early prototyping stage currently. Releasing software version for Mac is the priority number one at the moment.


I hope very soon because they sell it now in germany an most of the german users use windows!



I am not sure I’ve understood you correctly here - a windows version is already up and running! Mac users are the ones experiencing difficulties the most - as they should use virtualization software to even make a shot at using BBManager to modify the contents of their units. Windows users can already do this pretty easily without problems.

Despite I personally dislike apple products, the official course of Singular Sound is that Mac users must be on equal footing with Windows ones in terms of ability to operate their units’ contents.

After Mac users’ demands are satisfied, the team will evaluate the most appropriate way for the product to evolve in order to improve overall usability regardless of the operating system used.