Some findings through the Mac Beta...

Once again, let me start by saying a tremendous “Thank you” to Daefecator for creating this. I have few problems with the program, and even with those, it allows me to create my setlists every week. I do have a couple issues with the software that I’m sure have been discovered, but I would like to bring them up.

  1. The “Playback” BPM selector has a 2-digit maximum display (won’t show the “hundredths” place).
  2. When re-importing files previously created, the settings/changes don’t actually save in the file and, unless I have them noted on my chord charts, I have no idea how I previously had the song laid out.
  3. The Mac Beta will crash if I attempt to play a loop/fill/transistion of a song without first selecting/highlighting the actual song in the “Beats” Window.

Considering that this was a user-created beta, I’m very impressed that this is really all that I’ve come across. Sure, there are the obligatory “Drag/drop” requests and the “Stomp/Release” (on the main pedal) that I would really like to see fixed, but all in all, this has been a God-send. Keep up the good work, guys!