Some Jazz Tunes, PLEASE....

How about a few ready made Jazz Standards? In fact, there are so many players out there that have some/many of the several hundred Jazz standards on their set list that I would have thought it would have been a huge market for BB. The small group/trio/duo/sol artist playing small cafe gigs etc, surely a good rhythm section in a pedal would be heaven sent to the musicians in those circumstances?

To get things started here are a few I would really like and be prepared to pay for…

Stormy Weather
Fly me to the moon
Autumn Leaves
All the things you are
Girl from Ipanema

I think BB is a wonderful machine, but I had some problems to find the right drumset/beat for jazz/bossa.
I ended up using:
“Jazz 2” for Fly me to the moon or Autumn Leaves
“Jazz 1” for Misty
“Bossa Samba” for Girl from ipanema
and I found “Bossa Nova 2” can be ok for some Bossa standards too.

But some time ago, I was thinking that jazz/bossa problem with BB was a “soft” drumset missing, until “Jazz Brushes” drumset was released. That’s when I started to think that drumsets are ok, it’s beat drumming that is wrong for jazz / bossa, missing sweetness and intimacy.
All the patterns that should be soft and empty are still played nervously and are too much filled up. Right feeling is missing.

I think you are right, saying that there would be a huge market for BB.
Me, since I have no time to build my own beats, I’m using what I told you but I’m still waiting for the right beats.
(and that’s a request to BB Staff :slight_smile: )

Hi Nicola
Thanks for the reply and suggestions. I too find it hard to spend the time creating tracks. And to be honest, I want to be playing (my guitar) not sat in front of a computer screen. Practice time is precious. So I am very happy to pay the fee to buy tracks as I need them. I know of a number of other players who would also be very happy to take a BB to a small gig at a cafe or restaurant to play some smooth tunes. Just that the Jazz tracks as standard are a bit too up front.
So please, either BB or BeatBuddyTracks, try some cool jazz tracks. I am sure there is a market that will encourage other styles of musician to adopt using (and buy) a BB

got any ‘working’ midi’s of the tunes you want…
or … links to the ones you like …lots of half baked versions out there.

Hi there
I could sure find some midi files that may act as a ‘donor’ for some of the songs I would like.
Shall I post them? Maybe someone will take up the challenge!

post them in resources …midi’s …we can have a look :wink:

The Jazz Buddy pack from Groove Monkey provides some nice usable jazz beats over and above what BB has.