Some midi sounds not triggering in Beatbuddy

I am trying to transfer some EZ Drummer midi files into the beatbuddy via my DAW (Studio One)
when I transfer the file over to the BB pedal only some of the triggers are hitting but not others. Like the kick drum but no snare sound. How do I arrange to trigger letters? Hope this makes sense

I am having this same issue, but from LOGIC. I have some originals i’ve made, and did the drums as MIDI with “addictive” drums. When I export as MIDI into Beat buddy, the symbols are missing in most of the song, yet play perfect in LOGIC. How do I get this to work ??

I guess you mean “cymbals.” That threw me for a loop. Give me the mapping that Addictive Drums uses for its kits, and then tell me what kit or kits you are hoping to use on the BB. I can then tell you your options and how to get there. Basically, you are going to have two choices, change the midi mapping coming out of Logic, or change the kit mapping in the BB. Neither is a non-time consuming process, but, if you choose to remake the mapping n the BB, you would have a permanent solution for the next time you use Addictive Drums. The key is to make a copy of the original BB kit that you are going to remap. Otherwise, the remapped kit wont work with the existing BB content.

I seemed to have gotten almost all of my kit to now work, except my middle tom. Ive tried the “learn” function, I’ve assigned as tom 1, 2 and 3 - and none work. I can hear the tom in LOGIC, but when i import it into BB, theres no sound own that tom, all else works. thanks. Hope the pics are what you were looking for ?

Why would you assume I know what that series of screen shots means? I don’t have addictive drums. Is every labeled note an available sound out of addictive drums? And, what kit in BB are you hoping to get to trigger these 60 or so sounds?