Some newbie questions


I just purchased the Beat Buddy, and upgraded the firmware to 2.0.4-RC4, mainly so that I can sync it to my Infinity looper.

  1. So reading the user manual, I see that Chapter 7 “MIDI Sync Everything you need to know” is probably what I need to read, but the manual skips from ch.6 to ch.9, and chapters 7 & 8 are missing.

  2. Where can I go to read how to set up BB to work with Infinity?

  3. I also downloaded the Ballad drum set, and tried to follow the included instructions, but the instructions were obviously written for previous versions of BB Manager. I have It looks like the MIDI Manual I downloaded is also out of date at firmware 1.77. I get the feeling that the docs generally need updating, and they are adding to the learning curve.

All that said, I’m enjoying the BB very much and looking forward to getting to know it!

Welcome. Do a search o the forum for Infinity looper. Make sure you’ve updated your looper firmware too.