Some noob comments

New to the beatbuddy, exciting! Will use it to perform my JJ Cale style performance (guitar/voice). I am mostly a fingerpicker and already use the Boss OC-5 to get the low note to sound as a bass, and a harmoniser TC Helicon to get double voice.

Some questions I couldnt find an answer to:

  • What is a fast way to copy a midi part without it being linked to the same file? I don’t want changes in the copied part to apply to the original. Can I do this from within the UX?
  • I don’t get why some intro’s are not full bar. Just give it 2 notes on a hihat eg. Now I have to remember for each song how long the intro is. Is there a solution for this?
  • Is there a simple MIDI editor you guys recommend? I am on Ubuntu so I have to use the manager within a W10 virtual machine. A lightweight W10 midi editor would be great, I don’t do complicated stuff, but the integrated editor is very limited.
  • Anyone experience with brushes/acoustic sounding grooves? I bought the Brushes Songwriter pack but it’s a little disappointing, most of them sound almost like a normal kit, not as subtle as I would like.

Within the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), hover your cursor over the song part that you want to copy and paste to a new song or within the song you are editing.

Adjust the pedal settings to disable the Intro.

Not sure there’s a simple MIDI Editor but I would recommend Reaper as it’s available for Windows, Linux and the macOS. Some Windows users like MIDI Editor


Thanks Persist!

Yes I did this, but then the two parts are linked, if I change one part, the other part also changes. This I was trying to avoid. Is there a way to do this?

I like the intros, my comment was that they are not all full bar. But I found out you can see on the screen how many counts the intro is.

Thanks will check it out!

I tried to replicate what you are reporting based on what I think you could have done (see the screen shots).

This displays the unedited contents of the first loop in Blues 1 (notice the New Snare line

I create a new song using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and copy the first loop from Blues 1 into the new song.
I then edit the loop and clear the contents for the New Snare line

After I save the project, I then open the original unedited Blues 1 song and it appears unchanged.

Your behavior is unexpected and unusual. The expected behavior is that when you copy a song section from Song A to (a new) Song B, that that song section in Song B should no longer be linked to Song A. Any changes you make in the part you copied to from A to B should not be reflected in that same song part in Song A. If you make any changes in Song A, it should affect Song B.

At this point I am not sure that I have followed your exact steps to create the issue so you might be better off contacting Support, for help and if you can make a video of what you are experiencing (or explain the steps you following in greater detail) that may help Support to sort out what you are reporting. You can always post your steps on the forum and either I or another user will continue trying to help you.

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Hope this makes it more clear. Just did it again, these were my steps in BBM:

Opened Blues1, removed outtro, copied the 2nd fill (BLUES- fill 7 simple) to the outtro, edited the midi of the new outtro. Now the 2nd fill is also changed. It makes sense, it points to the same filename. Aguess I just have to copy the “BLUES- fill 7 simple” file and rename it and point to that in the outtro?

That helps. You could try this workaround using Blues 1. The reason I suggest this particular method is because many users do not want to edit the original song in their default content and they end up wanting to restore the song they edited to it’s default state.

In the BBM select the song you want to edit.

  • Use the BBM File - Export - Song giving it a new name (suggest exporting to your desktop so it’s easy to find)
  • While Blues 1 is still selected, hover over the Intro, Loop, Drum Fill, Transition Fill or Outro and right-click it; when the contextual menu appears, select Export to MIDI… to your desktop giving it a new name
  • Create a new folder in the BBM
  • Use the BBM - File - Import - Song and select the renamed song on your desktop
  • Delete the Outro and click on the now empty section and when the Explorer or Finder window appears, navigate to your desktop and select the newly renamed song section.
  • Edit the new song section you just added and press Apply

The process may seem tedious but it’s a lot less tedious than restoring your default content 2.1 project.

A second workaround is to export to MIDI the section you want to edit (giving it a new name) and using a DAW (digital audio workstation) to make the changes and then adding it back to the song.


Thanks. Yes I used this method already to copy a song. But if I copy one part and use the copy WITHIN the same song, the copy stays linked to the original. I want to change the copy without affecting the original.