Some problems about bpm, importing backing track, reading error

Hi guys, I bought the Aeros because it has a lot of interesting features, but in practice, I am having some issues that prevent me from using it professionally as I need. Here’s what I’ve encountered during the first few days of testing (firmware 5.2):

  1. A properly recorded file suddenly becomes unplayable;
  2. Adding a backing track (percussion loop recorded with logic) often, but not always, produces a brief pause at the end of the track. Checking or unchecking the option to add the fade-out and the 360 frames doesn’t change anything;
  3. A percussion loop recorded at 80bpm is not interpreted at the correct bpm and it’s not possible to import it in quantize mode.
    Thanks for your help.

I have similar issue!

When i import a backing track (.wav), all looks ok but the track is slower? I tried many different way, its always slower than the original by a noticeable amount amd can’t be used. Its annoying.

Any ideas?

Hi Jonathan, did you export the files at 44.1?