some "with bass" kits do not sound right... any tip?

HI all, a bunch of kits that people seem to use satisfactorily, do not sound right when on BB, (they are ok in BBmanager)
e.g. bass in “rock 3 with bass lowC” and “NPsuperbassG” sound like coming from a deep cave… low volume and deep reverb making not usable…when I switch to someting like Rock2 with bass everything is ok, any problem in the settings I can check?

According to the developers, the software and pedal don’t process note-offs correctly from the midi files.

You should probably try with the latest betas of the firmware and BBM.

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Same issue for me, but it occurs on the StandardPBass(1) kit. Could I get the links to the betas, please?

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Solved :):):):)!

Same issue for me. Can I get the links to the latest beta’s please? Thank you.

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Could I get the links to the latest betas, please?

… been wondering about this every time I quantize , it just turns to reverb mush …
I’ll take that p.m. Persist


FYI, the problem with the BBM Midi Editor is that any time you make and Apply a change, whether it’s to quantize or to transpose a bass note, it will hose the sound quality and turn it to “reverb mush.” This applies to BBM versions ≥1.6.4. Some tips:

  • Use the BBM Midi Editor only to confirm that there are no unsupported notes; make no changes using the Midi Editor;
  • Do not quantize using the BBM Midi Editor;
  • Edit your midi files using a DAW;
  • For the best bass sound, use the NP or Mod drum sets.


I’m having the same problem. Can I get the betas as well? Thanks.



Is there a place I can actually find all these “drums with bass” kits? I was looking in resources for some song ideas and kept seeing the “with bass” songs. But when I punch it in search, it just comes up with the threads on the songs using those kits.

Resources/Drum Kits at

Thanks for the link. I appreciate it!

One more stupid question. What does OPB stand for in regard to certain song files with drums? Is that a certain kit that you need or?

OPB stands for one-press bass and usually the bass sounds best with a drum kit with bass prefixed with “NP” which stands for Non-Percussion. There are OPB songs created with several different drum kits.

I see there is an NP Ludwig w bass kit now … any idea where to find that one ?
…it’s not in any resources listing .

I have the same issue too with the NP Standard Pro Bass drum kit. Is the beta trial the only solution? If so, I’d appreciate access to the betas.