Something new I recorded

Something new I recorded, hoping to show what these do. I’m learning as I go as far as getting good video and audio.

Aeros & BB live in action.


Very nice mate! You play well and use this kit well, too. Really appreciate your efforts and sharing them here. I love Latin music as it happens. Your lead playing is excellent, great quality.

CMA. Thank you! I appreciate you taking a moment to comment and for your kind words. I too love the Latin stuff. I am assembling a setlist of some Latin Jazz songs for BB, with Bass Lines as well.

Samba_de_Orpheo.sng (5.6 KB)

First time uploading so forgive me if it isn’t right. Here is a version of Samba De Orpheo I’m working on. It’s in Fmaj, as I perform it w a Steel Pan player who likes that key. It kinda sits well on the gtr there too. There’s a bass line. I used the SuperBass kit, FYI

pattern 1 is just an 4 bar intro. The fill will bring in the 1st chord change and go back to the intro, but pattern 2 will go through the whole head, A - repeat, and B section. So you can loop that, solo. and go back to pattern 1 to sit on the 4 bar intro and work it as an outro.
I like to have a couple options how to run it rather than solely the OP.

Love to know what you think.

Also, I play w live percussion so the beat is real bare bones just to let me loop to a click and keep the ensemble together w bass lines.
& The ending is just a single hit w cymbal on Tonic -F.

Got a bunch of these I am working on due to the lack of Jazz stuff for BB, w bass especially.

Black Orpheus
So many actaully. I gotta make a list. Reggae and Calypso ones too.

Cheers for the Samba_de_Orpheo song. I haven’t been able to listen to it yet as I am having to resolve some PC issues but will when I can. Best wishes with your music.

Very nice! As a big Santana fan, I really enjoyed that.