Song addition to bb

Pardon the French but how in the hell do I get songs in the beat buddy. I bought ten for 6.00 us from bb store watched you tubes nothing. I’d pay some guy for telephone support if I could. Also that stu has a bunch shared in drop box which I transferred but can’t open that. I see people putting songs on the forum. Bb comes with no cover songs ? I’d appreciated help as I just boug hit this and can’t get any cover songs on there.



If you have not installed the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) yet, that’s a good start point. Next thing to do would be to read the quick start guide and the user’s guide. go to the bottom of the page

and some more helpful links:


And after you’re done with the manual, etc., you might still not realize that the purchases you made and Guitar Stu’s files are a .pbf format. To Beat Buddy Manager, this is a folder. So to get in into your Beat Buddy Manager project you are going to have to use File>Import Folder. from there, follow the manual regarding getting your project from the Beat Buddy Manager onto your SD card so you can use it in the pedal.

One further note- you will find instructions telling you to Synchronize you project to your SD card. At least on Macs, and maybe sometimes on PCs, this option becomes unavailable (greyed out on a Mac.) When that is the case, you will need to use the process of File>Export to SD Card. It will take some time.

Good luck. If after following the manual, you still have questions, please feel free to post. Someone will reply. We’re pretty good about that on this Forum.

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Thanks Phil. A couple of things

Stu’s pbf files - just drag that into bb manager ? If i just try and open from the desk top it asks what app i want to use

Will i need a new SD card ? and to that end is the 4 gb sd that come w beat buddy full ?

doesnt beat buddy come with any cover songs or is that only through the 200.00 premium library content which i assume would be bettter to use files off this forum ?



The pbf files - to get those into BB Manager its File>Import>Folder and then select the .pbf file. A new folder full of songs will appear in the BB Manager song folders list.

The 4GB card is good to get start. Song files are very small, but drum kits are up to 100mb each. I use a 32GB card. That is the largest that the BB will accept. I have a couple thousand song and somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 drum kits on my card.

All that the BB comes with are basic patterns, just like an old school drum machine.

Personally, I like songs with bass and drums, at a minimum. I often add keyboards. The drum patterns on the premium song sets are good, but many people find them very complicated to use. And, you can buy those songs as individual packets, you don’t to get the whole $200 deal, although, if you like those, it is a good deal. But, if you just want the Beatles or Fleetwood Mac, etc., you might be better getting the individual artist packs.

I like the stuff from the Forum, but I am biased, as I made quite a bit (not near as much as Persist), and what I made I made to suit my taste.

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again just struggling to find the links ?

Which links are you referring to?

Above, if you want the stuff from Singular.

From other users, check out:

Phil is there a place for the rest of your file ? I have M-P

also i can start your songs with a double tap but i cant find a way to the end them so i can scroll to the next tune in the setlist ?

can you recommend any midi’ units to connect the BB to onsong ?



That’s the other Phil, but yes, he did have all of the stuff that was posted prior to November 2017 redone as the .pbf files. I’ll see f I can find it easily.

Here ya go.

To end Phil’s song, just double tap. That will stop the null loop from looping.