Song Ends Abruptly

Just finished importing a MIDI drum track from REAPER to BB Manager for an One Button Play (OBP). Song is just over 100 measures, but part way through the cymbal crescendo, the sound just stops. I’d heard about a 500-note limit, but my BB is new and don’t know if that’s a limit anyway.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this without starting to remove notes?

Hard sometimes to guess what’s going on. An easy way (well, for me at least) is if you can provide the MIDI file that you opened in the BBM. Either that or export the BBM song and post it here.

Okay, can’t easily attach a .mid so attaching the .sng file…
Layla_2.sng (11.5 KB)

Zip the midi file and then attach it.

Although I can’t replicate your symptoms, here’s what I think is the problem: no drum set selected for the song. Use the Default Drum Set: dropdown and select a drum set appropriate to the drum instruments in your MIDI source file. I’d recommend either NP StdPBass 63-91 or Standard Pro; with either of these kits, you can hear the cross sticks.

In examining the MIDI file, a couple of general observations:

  • F1 (Toms) should be moved up 2 semitones
  • Tambourines velocity of 15 is quite low


I saw the “Standard” kit at the top of the screen and thought that was okay.

58%20PM Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 1.04.58 PM.png

Changed to “Standard” for the song and same issue. I shortened that cymbal section by a whole measure since it cuts off just the last sec. or so, and that shortened section gets cut off too. Seems it’s just cutting off the last sec. or so regardless how long the overall song is. A pain to troubleshoot since its a OBP and I have to listen to the entire song to get to the end.

Can you explain these in a little more detail…

  • F1 (Toms) should be moved up 2 semitones… in pitch or notes?
  • Tambourines velocity of 15 is quite low… Tambourines… not in the Standard kit, right?

Here’s the previous version with the cut off crescendo… sounds fine in REAPER. (1.4 KB)

  • If you’re using Reaper, you should move them from 41 to 43 (which I did for the attached song); you can also use the BBM MIDI Editor to move those 2 notes
  • Tambourines are in the Standard kit; you can change the tambourines velocity to 100 and hear if they’re present or loud enough (I raised it to 95)

I listened to the song in Reaper to get an idea of what you’re listening for. You’re talking about the open hi-hats crescendo and then decrescendo at the end, correct? I don’t know if this has fixed the issue however, I noticed in Reaper that the drums did not end on a full measure so I changed that (for whatever reason, the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) expects a the MIDI track to end on a full measure).

I brought the adjusted MIDI file back into the BBM and to my ears, it plays and sounds the same as it does in Reaper. The open HHs decrescendo still seems to end just a tad abruptly in the BBM and I think that could be more a function of what you might have done to shorten it; adding another measure of open HHs and decreasing the velocity of those last few notes might make for a smoother sounding end.
Layla_2.sng (11.5 KB)

BTW, you can open the MIDI Editor in the BBM to identify if there are Non-supported Notes. I previewed the song as it played in the MIDI Editor and watched and listened for the decrescendo open HH notes to play—they did.

I’ve created what I think is a smoother ending for the song by extending it one more measure, copying the open HHs to the end of that measure and then fading the velocities more.

My opinion is that the open HHs are kind of loud in the BBM and so what might sound good in your digital audio workstation (DAW), may sound louder (thus the abrupt ending) when played back in the BBM.

One of the things that threw me is you mentioned that this was an OPB song. OPB is short for one-press bass. What you probably meant to say was a drums one-press, or DOP.

Thanks for your help. Couldn’t load your attached song…

Error while parsing song content
Internal parsing errors:
SongFileModel::readFromBuffer - WARNING - A part of the file was not used by parser. The unused size is 5724
File contains more data than expected (39780 vs 34056)

… but I get what you’re suggesting… fade the velocities slower as they may sound too abrupt in BBM. I’ll give that a try…

Oops, sorry on the OPB… meant OBP (one button play?)… no bass (that’s what I’m playing!).

Just saw your earlier post…

See the “Not Supported” notes. Will either move or remove since there are only a few.

I don’t understand BB MIDI Editor… can I just play the ending in MIDI Editor? It always starts at the beginning.

When I play in in MIDI Editor, it ends fine, but from Virtual Machine it ends abruptly. ???
Don’t understand why, regardless of velocity, the last notes stop abruptly, with no sustain like the same open HH a few measures earlier.

What note is Tamborine? Don’t see in in the MIDI Editor anywhere.

So I now have something that works… I added a note to end the crescendo on a measure boundary, but it still cut off half that measure. Then I added one more open HH at the start of the next measure and set its velocity to 1. Now the crescendo finishes and sustains and I don’t hear that last single open HH.

Seems like a kludge that I haven’t had to deal with for other songs (or maybe just didn’t notice?).

Would be nice if you could play sections with MIDI Editor, but I’m finding it rather awkward to work with. Is there a manual for the MIDI Editor or is its use described anywhere?

Anyway, thanks for your time!

You can bring this MIDI file in your song; does this solve the problem?
Song (1.7 KB)

Sounds like you may not have the updated drum sets in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM). You can download the SD card backup from here

The tambourine is #54 in the MIDI Editor.

Users have long asked for the ability to start, pause/unpause, fast forward a beat anywhere in either the MIDI Editor or in the main window. Definitely a nice-to-have capability.

I don’t quite understand something… how does an SD card backup update the drum sets in BeatBuddy Manager? When I sync Projects with that updated SD card does it also update the drum sets in BBM?

Synchronizing a project is bi-directional. Any changes made on the pedal are synchronized with the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM). I realize I’ve told you “what” when your question was “how” but that’s probably a question best answered by Support.